Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lily and her BFF.

I am not sure Lily has been this happy in a little bit. She got to see her BFF today! I just love the bond these two have, who knew sharing just 1 year of Kindergarten could make a lasting mark XOXO. Happy Birthday Miss Kalaya...seeing how happy both of you are together makes the 2 hour each way drive more than worth it!
Jericho, Xander and Hayden had fun was a lovely day to play at the park.

A Moana themed party...hula dancing and leis.

The besties ran around for two hours attached at the hip.

It was a fun time...I love how nicely kids can play together, sometimes.

Jericho is missing a tooth...which makes him eating watermelon look hilarious!

I had to get some pics of these two silly girls in the flowers.
So darn cute together.

Just a little walk down Kalaya and Lily memory lane...

It was sad saying goodbye, but hopefully we will be able to get the girls together a couple times this summer.

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