Saturday, April 15, 2017

The family has a pound.

The kids got to have fun at Grandma's for a little party. Car ride home Lily says "Mom should I save my money for college, fun things or my old people medications" now that's thinking ahead for my almost nine year old Hahaha!

On the way home from the party we picked up a special surprise. Meet Pepe everyone! 3 years in the begging for a bitty doggy, the kids are in love with him. He is an itty bitty 7 week old Chi.
Willow is no longer the smallest.
He is taking our crazy house in stride...first nap.
Naps are short but often LOL. On to some kisses.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Pepe!
Easter egg dying this year was awesome. We tried out the rice dye method, and I think we will be doing it this way from here on out. No mess, no water, just fun and cool colors!
Use to go cups with about 1/4 cup of dry rice...add 4-5 drops of dye. Shake up the cup, then add the egg and shake it up again. Don't wait too long to add the egg, it dries quick. Add more dye if you want darker can also mix up multiple colors.

Such awesome color...and no spills or mess to clean up. Win, win!
Such a crack up. Lily has a thing for glasses right now LOL. She has worn these everywhere for the last 2 days.

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