Saturday, February 6, 2010

I can't believe it!!!*

Sakari is home!!! Someone called early this evening saying he thought he might have found our dog, I described her and he said he was pretty sure it was her. Jason was already at work so I called up MIL to see if she could watch Xander, Hayden and Lily. She was wonderful enough to come right over, and then Randy and I went to see if it was really our dog. We pull into the drive and I see a big dark dog laying on the ground, my heart sunk and I told Randy I didn't think it was her as I got out of the car. I got about 5 feet closer and the dog got up and turned toward me and I was surprised to see that it was Sakari. She is walking gingerly and limping a bit, so I think she may have gotten hit but she is putting weight on all her legs. Other than being pretty sedate and sore she seems to be OK. I honestly didn't think we were going to get her back, we not only live on a very busy street, but are surround buy a lot of even busier streets, I don't know how she managed to not get killed. I really hope she learned her lesson and will stay put. We still have no idea how she got out, there are no holes or open gates...she had to have jumped. Funny thing she was found just a couple blocks from where the search & rescue dog lost her trail....he really was on to something! The kiddos are very happy to have her home, now we have to take another 2 hour walk tomorrow and take 50 lost signs down LOL

Some pics of a beat up and glad to be home Sakari.
The tots.
Xander got to go out shopping with dad today, a little one on one time :)
He loved it but wanted to get his sweatshirt off as soon as he got home.
Miss Hayden, she started saying shoes and dog over the last couple of day.
Our sweet Lily Bug has been ka* rane* key* the last few days, she has even started hitting innocent bystanders if she doesn't get her way.
We are moved into the new room now, though my clothes are all still in the other closet is not ready yet.

Xander missed his nap today since he was out and about with Dad...tired boy was ready for bed.
A little video of Xander, Hayden and Lily yesterday showing off their Happy Feet :)
They love dancing around in their shoes...and yes we had to make a kitty rescue in there too.

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RaeSchuft said...

I'm so happy you found Sakari! Maybe the S&R dog lost her scent where Sakari got hit? Well, at least she's not hurt too bad! Better to be taking down the signs because you found her alive and not the other way around!