Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Xander's first EI session.

The therapist came by for an hour today, we really like her and so do the kids. She was wonderful with Xander, and even let the girls in on anything they wanted to be a part of, even though she is technically coming for just Xander. She came armed with bubbles, books, and a lot of "fun" ways to spur on Xander's speech and involvement. He was actually doing awesome, totally into the exercises, trying to say words, and really just being present. Xan seems to spend a lot of time on his own doing his own thing. Sometimes it's hard to remember to remind ourselves to not spend most of our time with the girls. Because they are so much more interactive and in your face...the squeaky wheel gets the grease ya know?...it's easy to spend a lot of time with them. It was wonderful to see him right in on the action and engaged...I really enjoyed it, can't wait for next week!
The trio love bubbles!

Xan had so much fun in the towel swing!

Hayden story...she cracked me up today. We let the trio play with those freebie diaper wipe cases that come with every box of wipes, they love them, but have started breaking them in half a lot. Hayden brings one to me, I open it and go to hand it back to her but she runs off. Lily was in my lap and when Hayden took off Lily grabbed the case. Hayden saw this and came running back, she snatched it from Lily making her cry and throw a fit. Hayden runs off, with the case, but was back in a flash. The little dear went and found Lily a broken one and tried to pass that off. Lily took it from her, looked at it like "you are giving me this broken crap" and threw it on the floor LOL. Something else funny they have started doing...we fix them a sippy of milk after nap and before bed, they love their milk and always drink it all. It is weird but they have started running from us and refusing to take their sippys. They will run laps around the living room with us chasing them with sippy cup thrusted toward them. I would love to just set it down and do a little "tough love" but with 3 babies I don't think that would work too well. Someone will finish theirs and then, assuming the other poor sippy has been abandoned, will be nice and finish the other one too. Or the kiddo that decided to run from their milk will then want milk when it is not milk time. So for now we chase them and beg them to drink their milk....which I am sure is what they love, the chase :)
A little after nap fun...the girls started trying to blow kisses today, it's so cute.

Play time...they are so silly. Yeah it's February but Jason thought he would get some summer clothes out LOL

Poor O.J. if it's not one kid it's another...Lily found a comfy seat.

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