Friday, February 5, 2010

Sad news today.

I am so sad, Sakari got out of the yard last night and ran away. We fed her around 6pm and when we went to bring her in at 9pm she was gone. Jason drove around for an hour last night looking for her while I put up a lost ad on Craigslist. Today we went to the shelter, called the vets, put up 50 flyers....we even had a search and rescue guy come with his dog to see if they could track her. The dog did find a trail but after an hour following it he lost her scent in a parking lot. At least we didn't find her dead in the road, but I am worried we will never see her again.
We had an awesome friend of ours make up these flyers and posters....I hope they help bring her home. We miss you Sakari!

The S&R team doing it's thing...we followed in a car. It was really neat seeing the dog do it's job.

Getting back from a 2 hour walk putting up flyers.


RaeSchuft said...

Katrina, my heart is broken reading this :( What great signs though! Way better and much more visible than the little ones people stick to telephone polls... I hope Sakari turns up soon!

Jill said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I really hope you find Sakari soon!

Angela said...

I'm so sorry! You are really doing everything you can! That's amazing all who got involved! We'll say a prayer that she turns up today!