Monday, February 1, 2010

Xan is trying to bring the greaser look back.

He had a little too much fun with his very lightly syruped eggos this morning. Jason gave his hair a little wash and had fun making my sweet boy look like a thug :)
One the subject of meal time, we have had some funny incidents lately. I gave Lily a spoon to practice with during lunch the other day, at the end of lunch the spoon had made its way into Xanders hands. Lily must have gave it to Hayden, or had it stolen, and then Hayden passed it on to Xander. They did this little train thing once before, Hayden was closets to the changing table and got into the drawer and was passing anything she could get her hands on to Lily, who was in turn passing stuff down to Xander....see they can share :)

Larry is officially DONE with the remodel, Jason and I have to do some finish up painting but we should be moving in late this week!!!

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Photogrl said...

Yay for being almost ready to move in to the new room!

Xander looks too cute!