Friday, July 15, 2011

Stats from the kids Pedi visit!

The triplets had their 3 year old check up today. They did pretty well, Hayden was the only one that cried, which she did off and on most of the appt. Xander and Lily didn't even cry when they got their shot.
Their stats...looking good kids!
Xander is 37 lbs (90th%) and 39 1/2" (90th%)
Hayden 36 lbs (90th%) and 39 1/4" (90th-95th%)
and Lily is 34 1/2 lbs (80-85th%) and 38 1/2" (80-85th%)

Hard to believe they were ever 3 pounds!

Jericho had his 6mo check up too he is,
18 lbs 5 oz (50th%) and 27 3/4" (80-85th%)

The trio were pretty cranky and bitchy once we got home though, not sure if it was the shot or getting up early....but man they were not happy campers today. They have been off and on with the napping, I will usually put them down if they are acting pissy. Thankfully even though they aren't doing it every day they will still go down without far anyway.

Some pics from the Doctors.

You know your kids aren't babies any more when they get on the big stand up scale for their weight check, then stand up straight against the measuring stick on the wall and have their BP taken by a little cuff thing. Everyone but Hayden did well with the new procedure.

Before the breakdown started...

Poor girl :(

Jericho had fun.

I don't know what it is about that dang paper, kids just want to rip the shit out of it LOL.

The trio also got to wear little paper robes for the first time. They all liked them, for about 5 min hehehe.

It's so nice getting all 4 appointments done and over with at the same time, and they always give us a bigger room....but keeping everyone happy for 2 hours in one room is craaazeeee LOL.

The kids love their Doctor, she has been taking care of them since they were fresh out of the NICU...she too can not believe how big and grown up they are getting.

Xander's first time climbing up the ladder to get on the table...he loved that part.

When we got home I took the kids out side. The raspberry fight is getting tiresome. This is how I catch them every time I turn around. Little thieving turds :)


Lily, late to the raspberry stealing party, bringing her own stool hahaha.

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