Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation day 3!*

Our third day of vacation was a blast. Some of our group took the kids to a big cat park, it ended up being a little over the trio's heads so Jason ended up trying to keep them occupied while I got to see the cats.

The kids were having more fun playing around than paying attention to the tour guide.

They even decided to reenact the opening scene from the Chipmunks movie...they sang 'Had A Bad Day' while storing nuts (well apples in this case) in a tree LOL.

This park included a 90min tour going cat by cat. Lots of info about each cat was discussed, they were also given meat bits for doing small "tricks."

These Linx jumped up on the fence to get bits of meat that were stuck to it.

A beautiful Amur Leopard, sadly these cats are just about doesn't even look like breeding in captivity will be able to save them. I hope the bastards that buy fur are hell bound.

Say cheese :)

A little action and info.

The black leopards were very cool.

Some trained snarls and roars from the black leopard and a male lion!

Big boy. fact I learned, the jaguar has the second most powerful jaw per square inch, second only to the croc. One bite can crush a donkeys skull! They are making a come back here in the United States too, they get calls about them here and there in some areas of California, it is thought if they start breeding they could very well stick around in our "wild" how crazy would that be?!

One of their tigers, Sasha, just look how huge she is when she stands up for meat...crap. I also can't believe how much is made off of tigers on the black market, once again I hope those poaching assholes go to hell.

After the cat park we met up with the rest of the group and headed for some jet boat fun down the rogue river! It was a 4 hour round trip excursion with a lovely dinner stop in the middle. We took up the 2nd and 3rd rows from the can see Jason in his white shades :)

The kids did awesome, they weren't scared at all...Xander and Lily even passed out during the ride LOL.

The first half of the ride was pretty tame, he managed to splash us a little, but mostly it was telling us a bit about the area, pointing out some animals...we got to see some nesting osprey, and bald eagles, a few deer and even a raccoon.

Bald Eagle up in the trees. Hard to see, it's on the far left on the lower branch.

Osprey nest, with 3 little chicks in it, on the far left...momma Osprey looking on, far right. You can click on the pics to open them up bigger.

Xander fell asleep first.

Deer on the bank.

We took a break for dinner, got a tractor pulled ride up to the restaurant.

More deer.

The place was amazing...and the food was pretty good too.

Jericho was being so cute and silly, people from all the other tables were smiling at him.

Hayden was putting black olives on all her fingers then feeding them to Jason LOL.

After dinner we had a few minutes to relax and play.

The kids found a little snake, I am not sure what kind it was bigger than a garter that's for sure.

The girls doing a little dancing with Auntie Amber :)

The ride back was all about speed and getting soaked!

The captain gave me a towel to put over Jericho, that's when I knew we were in for some fun LOL.

We were doing 180's...some darn near 360's too., and some dueling with other boats getting each other wet. It was crazy and so much fun!

I am not sure exactly how fast we were going but I would say at least 40 or 50MPH.

Uncle Rick had one of the wettest seats on the boat, he got drenched.

Jason and Hayden were loving it, Hayden was even holding her hands up in the air and woohoo'ing it with everyone else.

Rick and Scott had a blast!

The other boats that we were splashing and getting splashed by.

They just did a spin right infront of us to set us up for their big splash.

Lily hugging on Xander awww.

I got some video of some spins, big splashes and a lot of hooting and hollering LOL!

Day 1 and Day 2 of our vacation!

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