Thursday, July 28, 2011

While we were away.

Lots more flowers decided to bloom while we were gone on vacation. We came home to a beautiful sight. We still have a slug problem, I didn't want to have to get SlugGo but it looks like my shot across the bow (coffee grounds) didn't get the message through.

Another change since getting back home...Jericho is now getting himself into a sitting position and crawling. It's not always perfect and sometimes looks like he is doing the worm, but he gets from A to B. I have to watch him like a hawk, we don't have the baby jail like we did when the triplets were babies, and we have 3 three year olds who know nothing about keeping unsafe toys out of his reach. He sure is loving his new mobility though.

Lily was helping "teach" Jericho how to crawl today :)

Ah no naps. Xander was even more off the couch than this, but when I went to grab my camera he must have moved. Now that they don't nap every day we have a kid here or there that just up and passes out LOL.

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