Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Warning...check floor for crawling baby!*

Just look at this little man...he has been getting better and better at sitting, so I guess he figured it was time to move on to crawling.

Go little buddy! He will bring a knee up but then usually falls forward because he didn't move a hand up. He is getting there though.

Hayden was playing with him on the floor. All four of my kids love each other so much, I hope that never changes, it makes my heart so happy.

We had fun out back today, though I could do without the dust baths...thanks Cat In the Hat.

Hayden and Xander stayed pretty clean...for awhile.

The trio were having fun trying to catch this dragonfly, he enjoyed taunting them LOL.

Mr. Jericho...such a cheese ball, it's no wonder the kids think his middle name is 'Smiles' LOL.

Hmm is that a kiss for Daddy or are you trying to bite him.

The trio and I had a little wrestling session on the trampoline. They are so cute, it is funny that they try to save each other, Xander was even jumping on my back LOL. Forgive the horrid hair, I am coloring it tonight!


Xander couldn't resist the dust bath for long...looks like war paint hahaha. Yes, they had more stolen raspberries. This time Lily whispered that Daddy was picking raspberries, there may be hope for her yet :)

A little teeter totter fun.

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