Monday, January 28, 2013

A first...and a last.

The kiddos enjoyed a Hostess Cupcake today for the first time. We managed to buy a box of cupcakes and ding dongs just before the shelves went totally bare a while back...still wish we would have found some Twinkies LOL.

They were so excited...I had to take some pics, so later they would see that they got to enjoy some Hostess even though they won't remember :)

They were a hit!

Later we were practicing our letters. Xander is not a big fan yet, but he does enjoy drawing. Hmm what have you drawn there son. Jason saw it and busted out laughing, I looked over and had to grab my camera to take a picture Hahaha. I guess Jason and I are just gutter balls...Xan said it was a mouse :)
Good news...the new house is finally ours! That only took 2 months. Remodel starts Thursday, hopefully we can be moved in sometime this May!

I am going to start a project of getting a page put up above, by my Arts & Crafts page at the top, of all the recipes I have posted over the years...that should be fun. It will be helpful though, I hate searching through tons of posts to find something I made a year ago.

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