Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Three Amigos.

More playing after school today. Gotta take advantage of the few rain free days we get when we get them! Jericho was running like a wild man all over the place, but the trio were in a rare photo cooperative mood.
I am still trying to recreate a great shot a friend of mine got of her kids on a tire swing.
I thought I had it with this one. But when I tried to get it printed up on a canvas Haddie is a little too close to the edge...guess I will have to keep trying.
We did some hanging around on the monkey bars today.

It was really funny to see how much longer Lily's arms are than Hayden's.
Xander cracked us up yesterday. He ran off down the hallway, tripped and the next thing we hear is him say "man down." Hahahaha!!!

They all started to have 'who can hold on the longest' contests :)

Another little funny to share. The kids were all busy playing this afternoon, not paying any attention to TV at all. So I start flipping channels and stop on an old favorite. Ah Lifetime, we used to be so close...I used to spend hours watching your C movies...and if I am being honest, I loved many of them. It feels like it has been, oh I don't know 4 1/2 years since we last saw each other. So I land on my old friend and of course get caught up in the movie. Next thing I know the girls are asking me how that lady got a baby in her tummy, why is she screaming and where did my babies come out from. I took a moment, and in my mind, plugged my ears closed my eyes and went la la la la la la. LOL. Guess that's what I get for turning off Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...now if only The Cat In The Hat would know a lot about that I could leave the answers to him....just kidding. Sorry Lifetime...we will have to wait a little longer to resume our relationship.

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