Thursday, January 17, 2013

Assulting chickens.

The crock pot masterpieces keep coming!
Today I tossed a chicken fryer in the crock pot, along with a bottle of BBQ sauce, a can of coke, a peeled onion quartered and an unpeeled lemon quartered.
So easy, I mean if I am doing it you know it's easy LOL. My chicken was frozen so it cooked on low for about 7 hours.

Speaking of the poor frozen very helpful husband sent me a text reminding me to check for the giblets. Eww he is lucky he didn't mention that before or I would have told him just where he could stick his own hand :) I hate touching raw meat...I'm a weenie, what can I say. The text I thought I sent back to him, read: "So the chickens ass was frozen mans land, hopefully there was nothing in it." I soon realized the text not only went to Jason, but to my brother and SIL too. So I felt the need to clear the air, I sent "Hahaha just realized this was a group message. No I am not assulting chickens...this is just the kind of crap that happens when I cook. Exactly why I don't do it often." I am still not sure if the bits and pieces were missing or if Jason made it disappear before serving...I never saw it, so I'm going with it was never there. Dinner was really yummy!

The kids set this up all by themselves...funny.

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