Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Drowned rat...not quite.

We tried something new for lunch today...meatball subs. Haddie of course had to have hers sauce free, but everyone else seemed to love it. We just used frozen meatballs this time so it was even easier.

Pretty easy...meatballs, cooked, then warm a spaghetti or marinara sauce, put into a hot dog bun or hoagie, top with cheese and bake in oven until cheese is melted.

The rattie boys got their loaner cage...this will do nicely until they are big enough to not slip through the bars on their McMansion.

We tried our hands at homemade hammocks today. Cheap, easy and quick...win, win!

It was so hot today our new friends got to try out a little cool water bath. They didn't seem to love it...silly things.
Remy and Star.

Then Hiccup and Bumblebee got a turn. No one even fished for the peas we put in their for a fun snack. Hopefully next time they will be a little more comfortable in the water.

Remy thought I needed a bath too I guess :)

Little Star, so cute. Remy and Hiccup are really growing, Star and Bumblebee don't seem to have hit their growth spurts yet though.

In non rattie news...or maybe, with an evil twist, I think Jericho may end up an exterminator. The kid will not stop squishing bugs, spiders, flies, ants, moths...anything he can get his hands on, and bringing them to me. Ewww kid, knock it off. Bugs of Beaverton beware!

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