Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday trio!

Xander, Hayden and bring so much laughter, joy and love to our lives. The last 5 years have gone by in a blur of one sweet, funny, loud and totally happy moment after another. I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with you three...I had no idea just how much we were missing 3 amazing kids in our lives, so glad you came along!

The party is not until tomorrow, but the trio got a couple special gifts today. First up their amazing shirts from Auntie Allie, Trent, Rowan and Ethan & Matthew. Haddie was having a grumpy kind of morning...but everyone else was crazy excited to open a couple gifts today.

They LOVED their shirts. Thanks to the Tobler family, they are so cool!

Their next gift was a little squirmy :)
The trio have been wanting their own pet for a while. They really asked for a Hamster but they are not as friendly or fun as these little cuties.
The kids were SO excited, they love the baby rats....but not so much their little rat nails. Hopefully that is something that they can get used to over time.

Even when it was baby rattie nap time the kids still couldn't be torn away.
Right now we have the little guys in a hamster cage...they will have new, more suitable, accommodations  next week. Thankfully they are small enough that they are OK in there for right now.

A little ice cream dessert. Still the messy eater Lily, I don't know how you manage to do this every time LOL.
Now I now what Jericho will look like with a stache LOL.

So funny LOL!
Some baby rattie meet and greets. We picked boys, and we got 4...only planned on 2 but who can say no to such cute babies. They all have the same dad, the Dumbo's have the same mom too.
This is Xander's friend Bumblebee. He is a 5-6 week old dumbo eared baby. I think his coloring/markings are called Black Variegated. So far he is a little more shy that the others, he would rather chill/hide in your hand than go explore. They are from a breeder so they are all very friendly and none of them bite but they all have their own personalities of course and right now Bumblebee is coming off as a "OMG what is that...hold me I'm scared" kind of guy. We have only had them a short time though, so he could totally warm up and become more confident in time.
This baby is Hayden's, she named him Star...not very masculine...sorry dude LOL. I think he is a Black overmarked Dalmatian, can also be called overmarked masked or patched. He is also a dumbo ear, and full brother to Bumblebee.

This little sweetie is "Jericho's" Hahaha. His name is Hiccup, Xander picked this name and Bumblebee, he is Bumblebee's and Star's full brother. He is a dumbo eared guy too, and probably the same color and marking title as Star.

He was the 4th could I say no to this little face?

This little fella has the same dad as the other 3 but a different mom. He is a couple weeks older and has regular ears. Lily has named him Remy...and hopes he can cook in the kitchen like the original Remy does in Ratatoiulle. I need to work on getting some better pics of him. He is so cute, I am pretty sure he is called a Beige Blazed Bareback. From the blaze it looks like he's actually an over-marked Variegated. It is hard to say when they are young. He is the most secure of the bunch...but he is 2 weeks older so that would make sense.
Can't wait for the trio's party tomorrow!

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