Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun with the baby ratties.

The triplets wanted to play with their new pets in their rooms today. They sure love these little guys, just wish they wouldn't freak out when they feel the babies little rattie nails.

Remy and Lily had fun in the girls room for about 20 min. The rattie boys really loved getting to roam around and explore.

Lily was already trying to get Remy to do some tricks LOL. She wanted him to jump through the "hoop," Remy was not quite ready for that.

Hiccup got a turn next.

Just look at those gigantic dumbo cute!

The kids love feeding them treats.

Stars turn. He is so itty bitty. They all seem to be growing pretty fast, well all of them except Star.

Bumblebee got a turn too but he was more skittish, so I didn't get any pics of him. I hope he comes around...the other 3 are already getting used to us and enjoy being out, poor Bumblebee just seems scared of every noise. Thankfully he does like being held.

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