Saturday, July 6, 2013

Not only a Dentist...

But my new brother in law is a super talented artist to boot! My sister sent me pics of the triplets Bday presents, can't wait to see them in person! Trent went to work on doing some T-shirts for the kiddos...he is pretty amazing! Not to mention they live in Vegas and were working in a garage when it was like 120 degrees out.

Xander's Spider-Man getting started.

All cool, Xan is going to LOVE it!
Haddie our resident Hello Kitty fan, is going to love hers too :)

So cute!
Miss Lily Bug will adore her Tink too!

They were even nice enough to do one for little brother too!

Thanks so much guys, the munchkins are going to love them!


Kimberley T said...

They're so cool! What a great artist.

TripMomma said...

Right?! I'm kind of jealous...I want one LOL.