Sunday, July 28, 2013

The trio's montage and a Pinterest win!

I got the triplets latest montage done...and only a couple weeks late ;) Yes, it is another long one...but check it out. You may notice that the warm and fuzzy more meaningful music was replaced this year. The kids helped pick out the songs they wanted on their video this time. They didn't do half bad if you ask me LOL. Enjoy a look back at my babies 4th year of life...I can not believe they are 5!

Sadly One True Media closed up our montages are no longer available to view. Thankfully I was able to buy them all on DVD though.
Now I just have to find a new way to make them, I really loved One True Media so bummed they closed :(

Now on to my Pinterest win! I saw this idea for no sew cafe curtains and thought it would be perfect for our kitchen window. I wanted to leave the top part open for light, but didn't want everyone walking by to see inside my house, or to see the dishes that every now and then pile up in the sink LOL. The idea is so simple, and did I mention no sew! I used a small rod, 4 cloth napkins, and 2 packs of little curtain clips and you are done. I got everything at Target for less that $25. $10 of that was the napkins, at that price you can change them out as often as you like for seasonal fun or if you just get bored. The selection was slim, but these are cute and work great. Keeping my eye open for more great napkins every time I shop.

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