Saturday, November 16, 2013

A craft free for all!

I braved a free kid's art day, downtown...where I hate driving and parking, with all 4 kiddos...ALONE today. Somebody write this one down LOL. Thankfully our friends Lisa , Kenzie, and Red Feather, and Melanie and Bella were there also. They had their hands full too, but it was nice having a couple extra eyes.
The munchkins were so excited, the girls also got a little hair do treatment today...which they loved. My first attempt at a fishtail came out pretty good! It is still hard for me to do much with Haddie's hair, even though it is getting longer, but I was able to do a little something to it., the mullet needs to go, not get styled LOL.

The girls were feeling extra huggy today.

Craft time. We started off in the painting room. The place had a great set up...the smocks were awesome.
Little Man did a great job, and had a lot of fun.
Lily painted a Christmas tree...not bad Bug.
They each did 2 paintings...then we had to move on.

Lily also did a painting of Snoopy and Woodstock...well Woodstock is not on there yet.
Hayden...she surprised me, for one that usually wants things more perfect she kinda went in the abstract direction.
Jericho wore the most paint out of my 4 LOL.
Next they headed out to the craft area and saw their friend Bella.
Lots of TP rolls, glue and bits and pieces of stuff to glue onto them.

That's it dude, get the glue all over.
The place was crazy packed. I'm glad we got there right on time...there were even more people that had to wait for others to leave before they could join the fun. We were there for an hour and a half, but it felt like 8 Hahaha.

Miss Kenzie did some amazing work! kids are now calling him Red Feather too Hehehe, well he just kinda hung out ;)

I came home with a bag full of all the crafty stuff the kids made...I hope they let me toss most of it tomorrow after they show their Dad. I was sworn to not tell him anything except that they were good, which they were awesome, so they could tell him all about it themselves.
Their masterpieces! Well the girls anyway, the boys were already in the bath LOL.

Day 16: I am thankful that I am 5 lbs below my driver's license weight...and at the time I got my license I was probably 10 lbs above it and fibbed LOL. I am thankful that Jason and I are really sticking to eating healthy, cutting way way back on fast food and our portions. It is doing a world of good for both of us! Bring it Thanksgiving...I'm not scurd

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