Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Never too young to start.

Jason and I, and the kids 75% of the time by default, are still eating our "skinny" meals...usually at least 2 a day. Eating these low cal/low fat meals, along with portion control (I can't believe how much switching from regular dinner plates to dessert size plates helped with this), logging everything we eat faithfully into MyFitnessPal and cutting out 99% of both fast food and soda has helped me drop 20-25 lbs since we started...Jason has dropped 30!
Now we both feel it is time to get our clothes rack, uh dust catcher, um treadmill involved. I'm going to aim low for now...20 min a day, hey it is better than nothing LOL. Today was day 1...and of course our mini fitness buddies wanted to give the treadmill a shot.
We have started them early, we explain to them healthy choices and why we do or do not eat something...or very much of something. They ask us all the time what certain foods do for their bodies. When we do have desserts or junk they tell us that we can't have this everyday because it is not good for us. In an age of so many unhealthy adults and kids, I hope we are doing it right...and doing enough.

Go Bug, Go!

They run worse than I do...and that is really hard to do LOL. I hope someone can teach them how to run properly and efficiently.

Xander's favorite part...the earphones, of course LOL.
Jericho is a little beast, he did a great job.
Gangster had to bump his nose in there and call an end to Jericho's training session.
This is what I have to deal with when I try to work out.
Even with my 4 crazy little helpers...5 if you count the dog, I finished this little challenge tonight! No, I don't look like the picture...but if you feel my abs, gotta feel down through this thin layer of something ;) you can feel some ab muscles under there now. Maybe if I do it once or twice more I may get more defined results. I am pretty stoked that I made it through it though.
I also got the first coats of paint on the girls dollhouse. Can't wait to get the painting done so we can move on to flooring.
We got a pink room, a couple different shades of purple, a peach, an oatmeal, a yellowish cream, a green gray and a blue gray...quite the mix, but it was all paint colors that we already had on hand, which was nice.

It is getting there!

Day 26: I'm thankful Jason not only enjoys cooking...but he is really good at it too.

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