Friday, November 22, 2013

Who is a clean doggy?!

Since it has been a while since his great toothbrush bath LOL, we decided to get Gangster in to a doggie wash and get him a real...and over due, bath. This was actually our first time to a doggie wash...pretty cool, I think we will be back.

He did great...even though baths are not his favorite thing in the world :)
The kids and I were excited to watch...while Jason did all the hard work.
We have been getting daily messages and photo's from Sakari and Pat. They are doing so great. I'm feeling so much better, and I am really loving this one dog thing. I haven't had just one dog for the last 17 years, at one point we even had is so nice LOL.
Jericho was the most interested in the doggie bath. Of course my kid who can't help but play and make a mess with water.

The girls loved watching all the dogs that were hanging out in the daycare.

The triplets have already started on the puppy talk. I was hoping it would take longer. I did use the bribe of a puppy back in June to help convince them when we decided Sakari should go to a new home. Jason and I are just loving the one dog thing so much...I have been telling the kids that maybe when they are 7, I have also told them that we will probably wait for Gangster to pass away before we get a puppy. So far they haven't pushed it too much...hopefully we can keep buying time LOL.

Today is Jason's Friday...which leads me to,
Day 22: I am thankful for 3 day weekends with the Hubby!

In other news "skinny" mission is going great, over 20 lbs down and now below pre-trio pregnancy weight by 10 lbs. I will probably go another 7 pounds or so then reevaluate my goals. Jason is down 30...way to go Love! We have a few "Skinny" dishes coming up this Thanksgiving, we will NOT be gaining the average 5-10 pounds this Holiday season.

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