Saturday, November 23, 2013

Getting started on the remodel.

Doll house remodel that is :) Please don't mind the, still, messy garage. It is a work in, slow, progress LOL. We got a jump start on the girls Christmas gift today. Lots of wallpaper to remove. For some crazy reason we got this far, painstakingly scraping and removing the wallpaper bit by bit, before I remembered the Pinterest tip (fabric softener and warm water) I used on the wallpaper in our bedroom when we were remodeling our house. When I finally said screw this scraping crap and got the secret weapon the old paper came off so fast and easy. I think we are going to paint the rooms, instead of putting wallpaper back up. It is so fricking cold in our garage, I hope the paint dries LOL.

Our ever present Buddy. He is like Velcro these days. I am not sure if he is afraid he is going to be leaving too, or if he is worried about why Sakari left and hasn't come back, I don't know, but he is stuck like glue to us now.

Almost ready to get to painting...then figure out flooring. I don't want to do carpet, it will be some sort of wood or faux wood I think.

It is time to admit to myself I don't have any plans to ever own another motorcycle. I am finally putting my old boots, gloves and jacket on Craigslist. My Ninja 500 has been gone for 10 years now LOL. I tried them all on, just one last time. Made me a little sad, but also pretty happy they still fit. The jacket is a small, and I bought my motorcycle back in my early 20's Sorry, it was a head cut off photo kind of day LOL.
Day 23: I am thankful for my siblings. We have had each other's back since day one...I love knowing I can count on them if I ever need them. Just wish we all lived closer.

The kiddos have rediscovered puzzles...after dinner tonight we put together and took apart and put back together one puzzle after another LOL. Good thing I love puzzles too :)

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