Saturday, February 16, 2013

2 weeks into the remodel.

The house is coming along. The old floors are out, the new subfloors are in. The whole place has been scrubbed and a base coat of Kilz has been done in most of the house. The bathrooms are pretty much totally torn apart, and that awful bonus room wall is off and new sheet rock in place. I haven't been able to get to the new house as much as everyone else, it is hard when you have pretty much just one babysitter LOL. Everyone is making great progress though...hopefully we can hit our April move in goal.

50 some boxes of unfinished hardwood flooring.

I went through 11 boxes of tile weeding out colors that were off. And took off all the outlet covers in the entire stuff!
The rooms are looking...and smelling so much better!

The oil based Kilz is a stain blocker too...but man does it stink. I think some of us were getting a tad high LOL.

The master has a first coat of new paint, then we had to tackle getting the rest of that wall paper off. Thanks to my dear friend Gail for coming and spending 4 hours helping was so nice to have the company and help! The idea I saw on Pinterest to remove the wallpaper worked well. Score the paper a bit, then mix Downy fabric softener with warm water. Wet the wall thoroughly with a sponge, wait 20-40 min and then peel. Some areas had to be done a couple times but it did the job! 

Next Gail and I stacked all the wood, kind of lattice style. It needs to warm/breathe or whatever at 78 degrees for 3 days, before we start putting it down.

It took forever and we still didn't get it all done before we had to go home.

Larry got a lot done today too! He got the bathrooms started, and once the old wall was knocked down in the master he got the plumbing moved so we could get a corner stand up shower in there instead...hopefully it will make the room seem a little bigger, or at least more open.
No more wall where the old shower was.

Larry also got the frame up for the wall we are adding to separate the laundry area from the rest of the bonus room.

Still a long way to go...but the next week and a half is going to see a lot of completion I think! The floors should all get down, the tile too...the granite should get placed and the new tub/shower. It is going to really be looking good soon! Stay tuned :)

Project start to finish
Walk through.
Day 1 remodel.
Shopping trip.
2 week mark
Kids get to see house finally
More painting
Adding another project
Sanding start
Bathrooms just about done
Granite installed
1st coat of stain in kitchen
Kitchen cabinet bases done!
Week 7
Hardwood floor sanding round 1
Floor sanding not going so great
Floor finishing started
Floors, floors, floors
8 1/2 weeks in
Trim and doors started
Closets done
Kitchen put back together
Odds and ends
Adding the purple
Kitchen DONE before and afters

The munchkins had fun with Grandma....they didn't want her to leave, even started crying when they realized she left without saying goodbye :(
The trio were very entertaining at dinner though. The girls were reenacting the famous noodle scene from Lady and the Tramp, on the 3 time I decided to grab the camera and capture the cuteness. Then Xander wanted to do it we had all 3 of them try to share a was too funny!

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