Monday, February 25, 2013

I've got a "Why?" child.

These two pics were from last night. We, as in the adults, were watching the Oscars....first time I actually watched them all the way through in I don't know how many years. Lily brought out some well dressed models and put on a fashion show for us...totally unprompted, pretty funny. Oh and since I am talking about the Oscars, I thought Seth did a pretty good job...I also think he did exactly what he was hired to do. I mean we all know his shows, what kind of host did you think he would be if anything but off color and not politically correct? It wasn't a surprise to me at all, and shouldn't have been one to anyone else either.
I also have to add a Billy Crystal quote from last year...that sadly holds true again this year.  
"So tonight, enjoy yourselves because nothing can take the sting out of the world's economic problems like watching millionaires present each other with golden statues."

Today all 4 kiddos climbed up on the counter, by themselves...even Jericho, excitedly awaiting their shoes. The trio had all last week off from school, they were eager to get back! They are going to miss going this next school year :(
Children "age out" of Head Start at 5, and we have decided to hold the trinkies out of Kindergarten this year. I think Xan could really use one more year to mature, I know many a teacher who usually suggests boys with summer Bdays wait if there is the slightest concern. My super high energy, impulsive, limited attention span and emotional boy could sure be just the boy they are talking about. The girls are much more ready than he is, but I don't want the possibility of them doing well while he struggles and may have to repeat to come up. I do NOT want triplets in different grades. Not only that but had the trio not been born premature they would have missed our states cut off anyway, so we see no reason to push them into school when the only reason they are even eligible is because they were born before they were supposed to. We have looked and looked for half day part time preschools and have found NOTHING for less than $400 PER CHILD a month. For 3 days a week and just 3 or so hours per day that is totally NUTS. I honestly don't know how families afford that...and I know that at $400 per kid per month is a lot cheaper that many.
So it looks like I will be doing the "home school" thing this next year. I am sure I can do it, while home schooling is not my thing....if there was a year that just about any parent could cut it as a teacher I think a 3rd year of pre-school is the one LOL.

The girls teacher was super impressed today when she confirmed with me that Hayden and Lily are doing math. Over the last couple of weeks they have taken an interest in doing some beginner addition. They can do any numbers that add up to about 10...7+3, 4+4, 8+1 etc. they count on their little fingers, it is so cute!

This is how Jericho sprawled out after we got back from dropping the bigs off at school. I thought he was passed out, he was in that position forever, so I finally got up to snap a pic of his cute silliness. To my surprise he was awake...guess he was just comfy Hahaha,

Then he switched it up LOL.

I have finally run into a "why?" child...1 in 4 is not too bad. Jericho asks "why?" about anything and everything, the trio never really did this...unless I have blocked it out Hehehe. He has the cutest little voice when he asks, then he repeats back what you say...and then of course, asks "why?" again :)

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