Monday, February 11, 2013

Every Love Story is Beautiful...

Valentine's Day tried to sneak up on me this year. Thankfully Jason has been over at the new house busting his butt, so I had some time to pick up a couple things.
Of course Pinterest gave me a fun idea.
I found another great card. One of these days I will explain the "leather pants" part :)

Now for the Pinterest idea. Cut out heart shapes of a map...for the important things in your lives. I have where I was born, where Jason was born, where we got married, our honeymoon, where our kiddos were born and where we live.

Then I remembered this great quote I saw on Pinterest..."Every Love Story is Beautiful. But Our is my Favorite."

Oh...and if you happen to run out of paper that is big enough for a back ground...try the multi colored quilt thing, it kinda works LOL. I may have to redo it more "perfectly" one day...but maybe not, we will have to see how OCD I feel like being when I have more time Hahaha.

Hope he loves it as much as I do :)

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