Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love painting!

More remodel work today! A lot has been done in the last 4 days...almost 3 weeks in and the house is starting to look like a house again. The bonus room has a new wall, that got textured today.
The new french door replaced the sliding glass doors.
Larry the magnificent got the room tiled today too.

The hall bath has the new tub we just need to finish getting it primed and paint.

I got the kids rooms painted today...minus the trim. Xander picked this green, his favorite color LOL.
It dried a little darker...almost the Army green, Xan is going to LOVE it!

I love the color, nice pick Buddy!

The girls wanted pink...and purple, which I hope they forget about LOL. The pink they picked went on a little cotton candy-ish. I didn't really get to see it dried...we were losing daylight, hopefully it turns out to be a nice color.

The master bath got the new corner shower put in. Sure makes the room seem so much more open than that old stall shower with the wall did.

Project start to finish
Walk through.
Day 1 remodel.
Shopping trip.
2 week mark
Kids get to see house finally
More painting
Adding another project
Sanding start
Bathrooms just about done
Granite installed
1st coat of stain in kitchen
Kitchen cabinet bases done!
Week 7
Hardwood floor sanding round 1
Floor sanding not going so great
Floor finishing started
Floors, floors, floors
8 1/2 weeks in
Trim and doors started
Closets done
Kitchen put back together
Odds and ends
Adding the purple
Kitchen DONE before and afters

Grandma called while we were working to tell us Xander and Hayden had an accident. They love the teeter totter swing like thing on the big wood toy. They get it going super fast and high. Well I guess they got it going today and it flew off, the whole tetter totter thing, with my kids still on it flew apart and landed up against the wooden fence behind the toy. Hayden held on the whole time, she ended up upside down when it came to rest, Xander held on for a bit then ended up flying off and conked his head. Amazingly neither of them got hurt! When we walked in the door the first thing out of Hayden's mouth was "I went upside down on the swing!" like she had done some trick or rode a fun rollercoaster. Brave tough kids I tell ya LOL.

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