Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some changes are coming soon!

We have been recovering from Thanksgiving, just chilling and hanging out at home. Been pretty quiet on the blog. Well I have some exciting news...

My brother and Sister in law came to us with a big idea. We have joined them in buying a bit of a fixer house, which we will move into for the next 3 or so years, then we will sell it. It is going to take a good 2-3 months work before it is move in ready, but it should be a good place for us. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath (THANK GOODNESS,) bonus room and 2 car garage. The back yard is significantly smaller than the one we have now, but this house is on a cul-de-sac which is a HUGE plus.

It is going to take a lot of paint and new floors...but I think it is going to turn out great. Here are some before pics. I will post pics as we work...hopefully we will be moved in sometime in the late spring.
It is cute!
The garage is huge...hopefully we can get our pool table set up in it eventually.

Entry way.
Kitchen. Some tile and granite will do wonders!

Living room. We plan to do Pergo or something through out.

The bonus room...also will have a little room added for the washer and dryer in here.

The yard.
All the kids outdoor toys are going to be a tight fit.

Heading down to the bedrooms. It will be nice to be on the same side of the house as the kids. This worry wart Momma will feel much better in case of an emergency.

The only real draw back is we won't have a real dining room anymore...that is going to be rough.
The bathrooms are small...but hey there are two! New tub and shower, counter and tile will make it look like a whole new room.
The master, yeah the wallpaper will be going LOL. Pergo will be put down in the bedrooms too...I HATE carpet.

A bit of work to do in the master bath too.

One of the other bedrooms.

And the 3rd.

I am going to link all the posts about the house remodel.
Project start to finish
Walk through.
Day 1 remodel.
Shopping trip.
2 week mark
Kids get to see house finally
More painting
Adding another project
Sanding start
Bathrooms just about done
Granite installed
1st coat of stain in kitchen
Kitchen cabinet bases done!
Week 7
Hardwood floor sanding round 1
Floor sanding not going so great
Floor finishing started
Floors, floors, floors
8 1/2 weeks in
Trim and doors started
Closets done
Kitchen put back together
Odds and ends
Adding the purple
Kitchen DONE before and afters

A couple pictures that Xander took...he is getting better :)

Jericho never naps anymore, unless he is in the car. Today he passes out for 3 hours. So I amused myself with my camera phone LOL.

Speaking of Jericho. He is totally sleeping through the night in the trio's room and hasn't fallen off the boobie wagon even once. Way to go Lil Man!!!

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