Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh so this is the hard part.

Lily woke up and came out of her room jumping up and down screaming about the Tooth Fairy. She loved her sparkly dollar and was so excited to show it to everyone...a bunch of times LOL.

We got some more work done at the new house today. The tree in the front yard is full of flowers now, so pretty.

Did more floor sanding done today...and now we see what all the fear was about. It looks like crap...OH NO :( It seems the edger is the dangerous part, it is very easy to put "shiners" on the floor, which you won't see until you are done edging and move on to buffing. This is going to put an extra day on our sanding schedule, but hopefully we will be able to "fix" a lot of the ugly edges. Thank fully it probably isn't that obvious to anyone but us...and if anyone who lives in this house after us really wants to they can have it all redone anyway.

The house is so dusty, it is hard to see...and breathe LOL.
My poor poor Dyson. I have already told Jason if putting it through all this breaks it he is buying me a new one.
Project start to finish

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