Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter tried to sneak up on us.

We have been so preoccupied with the remodel stuff, we kinda sucked it up this Easter. Oh well, next year we will make it up :)

We did manage to help the munchkins dye eggs today, we tried a couple different methods this year, some worked out better than others LOL.
First we did the shaving cream idea I saw on Pinterest. I lined 2 cookie sheets with foil, then filled them with cheap white shaving cream, then emptied 3 different food colors on each sheet.
Next the kids took tooth picks and swirled the colors and shaving cream all together.

Miss OCD Haddie had to swirl perfectly, she was still at it when Lily and Xander had moved on to actually dyeing the eggs.
Then you roll the eggs around and around get them good and covered by a bunch of colors. Set them aside for 5 minutes, then wipe off excess shaving cream. Yes, this was messy, yes, the kids got it everywhere and probably ruined a couple what. They had a blast and clean up was not that big of a deal...and it was fast, it is not like it takes hours to dye some eggs.

Jericho still doesn't love getting dirty LOL.

Then we moved on to liquid dye. The kool aid didn't work too well for us, maybe I didn't use enough water, not sure. The store bought kits mixed wuth vinegar did a good job.

The shaving cream ones looked so cool, not all the color remained after wiping the cream off...but over all they came out pretty. I think we will do this again next year...along with the tissue paper method we did last year.

Fun stuff!
It was almost hot today, we spent all day out back! I got to playing around with my camera. My handsome boys...were hard to get to stay still for long.

Doesn't get much cuter than this little man!

Silly boy :)

Goof ball.

He was about to get lippy about me telling him to stand still LOL.
Love this :)
My girls were a little more cooperative.
What is that saying 'A daughter steals her mother's beauty'...well no wonder I don't have much left these days.
Pretty Miss Lily Bug...or Breakfast Bear when we are in Carealot LOL.

We are in trouble :)
My girls were blessed with beauty and brains...look out world!

It is an Easter lite for us this year...but I'm sure the kids will love their new toys.

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