Friday, March 29, 2013

Finishing the hardwoods part 2.*

Work, work, work. I feel like we haven't had a day off in forever. We will NOT be doing remodel work this weekend, I can tell you that!

I was so excited to see how the floor with the first two coats of finish looked today. If you ever take on finishing hardwood floors, do not panic when you look at your floors after the first two coats are on and you see little tiny bumps EVERYWHERE. We freaked out, we didn't know if we didn't do a good enough job getting lint and everything off, or if something went wrong with the finish. A quick call to the floor people and we were reassured that all those bumps are the grain from the wood, that it the woods reaction to the finish. That is also why you have to buff the floor once more before putting on the 3rd and final coat of finish.

They looked pretty from far can't see the sea of bumps.

The kids were playing out back, it was another gorgeous day!

We really need to get the slats in that fence. The trio have had people stop and talk to them twice so far. Innocent situations, but it makes me nervous that people can walk up and talk to...or give things to, my kids.

Jericho had me laughing again today. Despite the kids best efforts to remove every "flower" from our yard there are still quite a few. Today, while on the hunt for ladybugs, the boys ran into some bee's. Jericho wanted to catch them, I told him over and over not to mess with the bee's, that they give owies, he looked at me and said "owies?" then looked at the bee's and said "oh.". He seemed to understand, then he wandered off. He returned pretty quick with a stick, I asked him what he was doing....he pointed in the bee's direction held the stick up and said "bop them." I busted up, then told him no bopping the bee's LMAO.
Then I got busy doing a little more kitchen cabinet sanding...damn beveled edges are taking forever grrr.
The stain is doing wonders. The doors on the ground are about to get their 3rd and final coat of stain, the ones on the table are about to get their first coat. Big difference...they are looking so pretty, can't wait to see it all put back together.

Final buffing glad this part is almost finished.
It was not all hard work today, got to have a little fun....slip and slide anyone LOL.

Project start to finish
Walk through.
Day 1 remodel.
Shopping trip.
2 week mark
Kids get to see house finally
More painting
Adding another project
Sanding start
Bathrooms just about done
Granite installed
1st coat of stain in kitchen
Kitchen cabinet bases done!
Week 7
Hardwood floor sanding round 1
Floor sanding not going so great
Floor finishing started
Floors, floors, floors
8 1/2 weeks in
Trim and doors started
Closets done
Kitchen put back together
Odds and ends
Adding the purple
Kitchen DONE before and afters

We brought a little grill to make hot dogs for dinner out front. The kids love being able to play in the culdesac...just need a little "training" on how far they can go and to still be aware of any cars that may come down there...especially Jericho. Thankfully no cars but our neighbors come down into the culdesac. Actually no cars come on the street that our culdesac is off of unless they live there...there is no reason to try and short cut through or any of that, so the only traffic near us is people that live there pretty much. A BIG change from the super busy street we live on now...we are going to love it here so much, I think it is going to be hard to sell and move in 5 or so years.

Xander had rubbed dandelion yellow all around his eyes, silly boy. I had to look it up just to be sure they weren't poisoning themselves...apparently every part of a dandelion is edible and supposedly pretty good for you, learn something new every day. Though I am pretty sure I probably knew this already, so I guess I should something you forgot every day LOL.

More monkey fun in the tree.

My little fruit hounds...they demolished that whole thing in like 5 minutes :)

After dinner Jason and I, in a strictly supervisory role, put the final coat of finish on the floors.

On the way home...yeah me too little buddy.

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