Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trying to break up the cotton candy pink.

The girls room looks like it has been hosed down in Pepto-Bismol, Hayden picked that color pink and boy is it PINK. Lily didn't love it right off, she wanted purple. I told her we would add some purple, secretly hoping she would forget about it LOL. Well not only did Lily not forget about wanting purple, but I thought maybe adding some purple might help tone down the pink or something.

Jason was nice enough to tape some stripes for me...I can NOT for the life of me do anything straight or even, I could draw a crooked line using a ruler Hahaha.

Next he headed out back to mark off post holes for the dog run.

Then he did a little more vent cleaning, busy guy.
Ewww, so glad we won't be breathing all this crap.

First purple on, pretty shade...I am not much of a pink girl, but I love purples.

Darker stripe.

Lots of clean up to do on the lines, but it turned out pretty. At first I thought it was a bit "little girlish," then it hit me that my baby girls are only 4 1/2...can't get much more little girlish than that :)

Lily loves the purple, she was pleased.

Funny Hayden tid bit...
Seeing how she is our more anxious child, we knew this upcoming Vegas trip could be scary for her...especially the airplane part. So we began bringing up planes and flying a couple weeks back. At first she was very against the whole idea, she told us that we all could go and just leave her here with someone to take good care of her. I am so glad she demanded "good care" as opposed to so-so care LOL. Anyway, we have been going on and on about how cool it will be to fly and how many times Momma, Daddy and even Jericho have flown, nothing was changing her mind. Then somehow going to the bathroom came up, it seems the idea of peeing on an airplane is almost enough to settle her down LMAO!

Project start to finish

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