Monday, April 22, 2013

We don't offer workers comp.

I am too tired and have fallen too far behind  on my posts to say much LOL.

We had our first kid injury on the work site. Poor Jericho got his finger slammed in the car door...with some help from Xander. Thankfully he wasn't seriously hurt...nothing some hugs and kisses from Momma and Daddy couldn't fix. He sure looks like a sad little boy though :(
More house stuff getting done.

It was another late one...leaving at sun down again tonight. Xander cracked us up tonight, he told us...rightly so, that our car was sad because it was dirty and needed a wash and to be dusted. It's on the rather long list of stuff I need to get done dude, just been a little busy.
Hayden and Lily had a serious discussion with me today. Apparently a piano pronounced pee-an-o is not the same as a pee-on-o...they are different, I had no I am spreading the word ;)

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