Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A couple more days work.

The last two days have been long ones over at the new house. We are trying to get things finished up...why are all these "small finishing" parts taking forever?

The kiddos are starting to not like coming over here, especially Lily. I think it is wearing thin for everyone LOL. They still manage to have fun...Xander jumped in this box grabbed that piece of cardboard and started rowing, while singing "row, row, row your boat." He made it look so fun Jericho and Haddie jumped in too.

Jericho was a big help today working on changing outlets.

He even got to cut some worries the power was shut off before doing this, no kids were zapped :)

Xan wanted a turn too.
Then Jericho and Uncle Scott did a little cleaning.

We got a start on putting some new liners in the drawers.

Still more cabinets door staining to do...this 3 coats of stain plus 3 coats of poly with 24 hours between each is really dragging on. We are also hitting all the interior doors with liquid sandpaper to prep them for paint.
Back for more on the next day.

Getting some door and wall trim cut and nailed up.

My good looking hubby...dirty from work and all :)
Still more staining to do, but we took a break to start painting the doors. I have heard black doors, with white trim are the new trend. It works for us, the doors were ugly and super beat up...this saves us from having to replace them right away.

We were running out of daylight. The kids have missed bedtime the last few nights because we have been working so late on the house.
It is coming together, just wish it was going a little quicker. Back at it tomorrow!

Project start to finish

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