Monday, April 15, 2013

It is never going to stop is it?

I was glued to my TV most of the day, like everyone else I'm sure. 3 people were killed today, including an 8 year old little boy, hundreds were injured...over a dozen of those losing limbs, is a senseless and cowardly bombing of the Boston marathon. I can not believe what has been going on in our world...I don't know why I am surprised each and every time something terrible like this happens. I think we forget just how bloody and vicious our history on this planet has been from the very start. The first cave man who killed another cave man with a rock, or just his bare hands right on down to today....there is certainly no lack of violence visited on each other. Makes me think it is never going to stop, we just can't all get along...we can not live in a Utopia, it is just not in our nature. Sad, really sad. My thoughts are with those affected by today's attack.

After I dropped the trio off at school I just couldn't let Jericho sit and watch TV with me, so I set him up to do a "clean" painting craft. Take some paper, splash paint on it....then cover it with plastic wrap.
Jericho didn't know what to make of it at first LOL. He kept touching it then looking at his finger. When you can't locate your packing tape, duct tape works in a pinch...of course, what can't duct tape do.

Of course when he wasn't getting messy enough for his liking he peeled up the tape....boys.

While Jericho was busy doing some painting I got busy working on the pots for the kids teachers. I still have a lot of work to, like I said in yesterdays post they went nuts with the finger prints...that's a lot of flowers to paint LOL.

After dinner I got to sneak away for a few hours to do some fabric shopping with my mother in law. I saw this dress and thought it would be so cute for the girls to wear to Disney, Xan and Jericho will be getting a tie shirt too. The kiddos are lucky they have such a nice and talented Grandma :)
Back in the sea of fabric, it was a much quicker and easier trip than when we were shopping for fabric to make the girls rainbow dresses. Next time I'm in here it will probably be looking for fabric to try some DIY blinds for the new house. Pinterest, you make it all possible :)
Shopping went so fast we grabbed a couple drinks before heading home...had to be sure the littles were all in bed before I came back ya know LOL.
Hope they turn out cute, the only part I am not sure of is the blue polka dot fabric for the  dress tie...not sure if we should have got black for that part too or not, hopefully it is easy enough to remake it in black if it doesn't look right. Can't wait to get I need another project right now.

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