Monday, April 1, 2013

8 1/2 weeks and counting.

NO, this is not an "I'm pregnant!" April fools joke LOL. The remodel project has been going on now for 8 1/2 weeks...and we have come a long long way. Sadly we did not reach our April 1st goal...the house is close, but not done yet. We will be able to start moving in later this month though I'm sure.

Here is a look at the floors all done, still have to stay off them...other than in socks, for a few more days. They turned out so nice...way to go Babe :)

Still more sanding and staining to get done, this is taking for freaking ever!
We had some cute helpers today LOL.

The kids got to meet a couple of the neighbors kids...they had fun playing together. At least 5 of the houses in our culdesac...and on the street down to our culdesac, have kids our little ones age! This area is going to be so perfect, I can't wait to move in already and stop splitting time back and forth.
Jericho is ready to go!
Project start to finish
Walk through.
Day 1 remodel.
Shopping trip.
2 week mark
Kids get to see house finally
More painting
Adding another project
Sanding start
Bathrooms just about done
Granite installed
1st coat of stain in kitchen
Kitchen cabinet bases done!
Week 7
Hardwood floor sanding round 1
Floor sanding not going so great
Floor finishing started
Floors, floors, floors
8 1/2 weeks in
Trim and doors started
Closets done
Kitchen put back together
Odds and ends
Adding the purple
Kitchen DONE before and afters

Back home, Lily is fighting a cold or something...but everyone else headed out side to play. Xander was giving Jericho a riding lesson. Don't think he has caught on quite yet :)

Speaking of Bug, her new tooth started coming in just a couple days after the baby tooth fell out. Now she is checking often for more loose teeth LOL.

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