Wednesday, March 20, 2013

7 weeks in on the remodel.

This is what we have to put up with from our business partners. They need a vacation, I think they should take one...just as soon as all the work is done LOL. Our sanding pile doesn't seem to be getting much smaller yet.

The cabinets looks beautiful. The dark color may make the kitchen look a little smaller, but I really love the look of a dark espresso stained wood over the lighter brown that they were.

I got another coat of paint on all the trim today, I think that part is DONE. Got some final touch up on the rest of the paint left to do but that should be quick and easy. We got everything cleared off the floors...sanding starts Friday. I'm a little scared LOL.

The place is really starting to look nice! Almost time for those before and after pictures.
The kitchen drawers are all sanded, and got their first coat of stain tonight.

Project start to finish

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