Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kiddos got to see the new house today!

We told the triplets they were going to get a little surprise after school today, then refused to say mean LOL. Lucky for them they got to take their minds off the mystery surprise by making Grandma some Birthday cards. They had a blast making them for her, but were sad they didn't get to "see her happy face" or "watch her be surprised" when she received the cards. Grandma, I hope you are ready to tell them the enthralling story of you opening your cards over and over on Friday :)
Everyone picked their "flower" color. Of course Xander picked green, Hayden picked pink and Lily picked purple...the only one who surprises me with color choice these days is Jericho.

Xander wrote an 'X' for his name ... he is still not into letters and writting like his sisters are.

The girls wrote their whole names!

Then Bug wanted to add some hearts, and Haddie colored them in.
They turned out really cute...Happy Birthday to you Grandma!

We put dinner in the crock pot before we headed out to pick up the kids and get them their "surprise."
BBQ ranch meatloaf!
3 lbs ground beef
1 lb sausage
1/2 cup bread crumbs
3 eggs
1 packet dry ranch mix
1/4 cup BBQ sauce ... plus more after it is cooked
1/2 medium onion chopped finely
1 tbs garlic
-In a large bowl, mix beef, sausage, bread crumbs, eggs, ranch packet, 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce, onion, salt and garlic together by hand in large bowl.
-Add to slow cooker and form into a loaf shape. *we criss cross a couple rolled up strips of tin foil at the bottom of the crock pot then put the meat on as a way to get the cooked loaf out.
-Add desired amount of BBQ sauce on top of loaf to glaze and cook on LOW for 6 hours. *This was too long for ours, I would check it at the 4 hour mark. I don't know if we have super amazing crock pots but we always have stuff done at least an hour under the time given.
-Once cooked and ready to serve, top with more BBQ sauce if needed.
After we picked the trio up from school they were very excited for their surprise. They must have also been pretty tired, they passed out on the drive to the new house.
The house is not finished yet, but it is far enough along to let the kids check out the inside for the first time...they were SO excited!

Almost all of the new wood floors are down, painting is just about done too. The granite should be going in late next week, after that Jason will start sanding and putting a "Swedish finish" on the floors...hopefully without screwing it up, he is a little scared LOL.
It may not look like much but I am VERY excited for that little pantry!
Looking at their new back yard...they did notice that it is much smaller, but told us it will still be fun. Awww :)
Of course you would climb up the ladder Jericho.

Bonus room tile done, new wall up, primed...just needs to be painted! Looking good, and Jericho was having a blast running back and forth LOL.

The girls room, Haddie loved it. Lily remembered she wanted some purple...ugh.

The boys room was a huge hit with the target audience! Xander made it sound like he wants to move out of the girls room and into a room with Jericho. We shall see if that actually happens or not.

Checking out the view.

Then they wanted to see Mom and Dads room. Yikes, can you say we bought too much wood?!?! With only 3/4 of the master bedroom to do...I think we are going to have a lot left over, Hmmm.

The hall bath has the tile down...I love it, we are using the same stuff in the master bathroom too.
Next we headed outside to check out the back yard.

I am not sure why they never got rid of the chain link and put up a wood fence. The neighbors didn't either. The houses do back up to a park, and the gate in the chain link opens so you can walk right into it, which I guess is cool. We will for sure be putting those slats in at least. And the gate is pad locked.

Hope you made a wish for a quick finish to the remodel and an easy move! We can't wait!

Project start to finish

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