Saturday, February 23, 2013

Title possibilities are endless...ugh.

Lets see...
'If your kids are quiet, don't enjoy talking with your husband, go check on them.' Or how about...
'Doodle Bears are not a good idea after all.' Or...'Thank goodness for "washable" markers.'

This is the state we found the kids and their room in this afternoon. Xander had snuck into our "storage" room, found an unopened case of markers that came with their Doodle Bears....that we didn't give them for a reason. He then shared his spoils with everyone and they got busy doodling all over everything. Arghhhh. You can tell who had the most fun, Xander and Lily were covered...head to toe, and I recognized Lily's penmanship on the words "MOM" and "Lily" that were written a number of places. They got a good talking to, and Xander had the nerve to get mad at us for reprimanding him Ha. The little turd said "That's it Mom and Dad are not moving to the new house with us." LOL.

Thank goodness for Clorox wipes. It came off really well from the walls and floor. The bunk bed not so much, but we can always stain or paint the wood if it really bothers anyone. I doubt this is the last time someone will deface their bed though so I am not rushing out to fix it.
Nice job on 'MOM' though LOL.
Yeah, I think these two did the most damage.
Awww partners in crime.
Like I said, head to toe. They were thorough LOL.

Right into the bath they go. At first the ink wasn't to easy to get off...but after a good long soak and a little scrubbing most of it finally came off.

Good times :)

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