Friday, February 15, 2013

I wish they didn't like this so much.

We are making some good progress on the new house, and as excited as I am to move...there are more than a couple things I am not looking forward to LOL. One being taking this giant fricking thing down, moving it and getting it set back up again. Jason and I would LOVE to leave it behind, but the kiddos have only had one summer with it, and they love it so much. Since I think they will get at least another 2 or 3 years use out of it I am MAKING Jason bring it with us Hahaha.

Today was an unexpected beautiful day...the kids got to spend a couple hours out side...oh I can't wait for summer.

Man this thing is not going to be fun to move. Breaking it down the first time to bring it home was no fun...and getting it into our yard and put back together was no fun either. Yup, not looking forward to that part at all.

Everyone was too busy having fun to pose for photos, so I gave up went back inside picked up the house and watched a Days Of Our Lives. Yeah, can't wait for house stays clean for longer than 5 minutes when the kiddos are outside all day playing!

Such a cutie patootie!

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