Sunday, March 10, 2013

A couple snags on the house remodel.

We spent all day over at the new house today. Thankfully it wasn't raining, so between playing out back and watching a couple movies on the portable DVD player, the kids were kept occupied most of the 7 hours.
We didn't get everything done that we were hoping too, turns out the granite was not cut short enough so we were not able to install it today, hopefully tomorrow. We did get the bathroom sinks/cabinets in and I got another coat of paint on all the trim...still needs at least one more. We did a little more sanding too, did I mention this is going to take forever? LOL.

Getting the counters ready for the granite.
Jason making sure the plywood is nice and flat LOL.

Movie time! Jericho was a button pushing and plug pulling pest much of the time...2 year olds LOL.

Jason hard at work....the kiddos kept yelling at him to be quiet and turn the machine off so they could hear the movie :)
Bringing in the granite...about to find out it is too long. I am pretty upset with the ganite people. This is the second time we have used them, last time everything was perfect...this time everything has been cut wrong :(

Well it will look pretty eventually.
Fort building fun...yay for bathroom cabinet boxes, these kept them busy for a good hour +.

Hahahaha boys working in the bathroom.
Neither one has a plumbers license, hence the underwear/diaper and no full on crack LOL.
Both bathrooms are just about done!
Did a little clean up and headed home...what a long day.

Project start to finish

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