Friday, April 19, 2013

A remodel update.

We have been busy little bee's over at the new house the last couple of days. The munchkins are doing better about being over there, especially when the neighbor kids are out playing. They made a new friend in Aliyah, who is 6 1/2 but shorter than Haddie LOL, the trio brought her in the house yesterday to show her their new rooms. She has a 2 year old sister, that seems to like Jericho, or maybe it is the other way around Hahaha.

The kitchen is so close to being done. All the 1/4 round trim pieces are back up, the pantry trim is done...the door is almost done too. I hate that we can only do staining and poly one side at a time...makes it such a slow process.

Poly, poly, poly....I just want to put the cabinet doors back on already.
We got the trim up around the french doors, it isn't perfect but that door jam area was so messed up anything is a huge improvement.
Getting some of the closet doors put back in. Lots of little paint touch ups to do already. Ugh.

Haddie was having fun making a trail. This took her quite a while, and she was super proud of it.
This was her after her killjoy Dad came out to tell her to stop and clean up. You know because the bark dust police might come after us. He is so grouchy these days, this house stuff needs to get done soon :(

Project start to finish

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