Thursday, March 14, 2013

Radio silence.

I have gotten a little behind. Lots of funny little stories to share, and some remodel updates.

House updates....the sanding on the cabinet bases is done, haven't even touched the doors and drawers yet LOL. The granite is finally in...covered in dust but it is beautiful!

We met up with Uncle Skunk, Auntie Amber and Cousin Hailee for a quick Lowe's shopping trip. Yeah quick, never spent $550 so fast and on nothing I really wanted LOL.
The kiddos had fun hanging out, they raised a little ruckus...but not too bad :)
Little Man has not been feeling too hot the last couple of days. He was happy to sit in the cart while the four 4 year olds ran around having fun...yup he is for sure not feeling well :(

Project start to finish
Walk through.
Now some of the funny kid stories that have been piling up over the last couple of days...
As I said Jericho hasn't been feeling too hot, he threw up the other day and it turns out 2/3 of the triplets know how to respond in an "emergency." One minute he was fine, the next he ralphed all over the place twice...then back to being fine. Without me saying anything Hayden ran to the kitchen for a towel, Xander ran to the bathroom and came back with a wad of TP. Lily, well Lily looked over from her fave show for a moment then went back to watching The Littlest Pet Shop. Don't worry Lily we got it LOL.

Another one involving Jericho. Xander knows better than to go into our "storage" room, yet he can not help himself sometimes. Today he got in there, with little brother hot on his heels of course. I was busy in another room when Hayden came to tell me the boys were getting into trouble...."and down stairs came the informer"...a little Cosby for ya :) They must have heard her tattling, next thing I know I hear a door thrown open 4 feet flying into their bedroom and a door slamming behind them. I had to go running after them, I was worried about what contraband they may have found. I get in their room and see Xander hiding under a blanket, and a pair of short legs sticking out from under the bed. I frisked Xan and he was clean. So I grab hold of the pair of legs sticking out from under the bed and pulled out Jericho...who had a death grip on a roll of summer sausage that was in a gift box that they got into. The sausage was still sealed, but I could see him trying to take bites out of it LOL. He was not happy when I repoed his ill-gotten gains.

Now a funny one from Hayden. I got ketchup on my pants and the convo went like this.
Hayden: Mom you got ketchup all over your friggin' pants. I turned to the wall and laughed silently until I was crying.
Jason *trying very very hard not to laugh*: Hayden we don't say "friggin'."
Hayden: You two say it all the friggin' time. Jason: Well it is not something you should say anymore. LOL.

OK last one I promise. Hayden made me laugh last night, Jericho was bugging her laying all over her and refusing to get up. She yells at me that her "bones are going to fall out if he doesn't leave me alone."

That is it, more tomorrow...hang on to your pants, and bones :)

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