Sunday, April 21, 2013

Is that a kitchen I see?

Kitchen, is that you? Yay!! The cabinets are DONE...thank goodness. Jason was busy putting the new hinges on all the doors so we could get them hung back up.
While Dad was busy inside, the kiddos were having a blast with Xander's speedy little RC car.
So much fun...they expended a ton of energy chasing that little car around.

Once they were all pooped out from running, everyone came in and worked on building some words.

Ahhhhhhhh! They look so pretty, what a difference. Up close you can see a lot of imperfections, but it is a huge improvement without spending a huge amount of money to get brand new cabinets.
They are a little dark, but I love the color. I wish the granite would come across better in photos, it is so beautiful in person. The paint looks really blue instead of the green/gray/teal color it is in person...strange.

Project start to finish

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