Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rocking with Auntie Stacie!*

We all loaded up and took a day trip to Bend. 6 hours in the car went really well...of course we will probably pay for it tomorrow LOL.

I saw this guy on our way out of Portland, AWESOME...if we had been on his side of the street I totally would have given him $2. We have our tickets bought...I can't even really imagine $580 million dollars.

Jason's Dad's house is all ready to be rented,  it looks great! Auntie Stacie found some nice renters and if all goes as planned they will be moving in December first...and plan to stay a long long long time!

After Jason did a little work on the closet doors at the house, we stopped to have dinner. I think Shari's just may be our new fave, this was one of the few times the kids not only ordered happily but ate EVERYTHING served to them. Yay for Mickey Mouse pancakes and fruit!

 After dinner we finally told the triplets the big surprise we had been hinting about all day! They love their Auntie Stacie!

We got there a few minutes early to surprise Stacie...she didn't know we were coming to the show, or bringing the kids. I think she was pretty happy to see us :)

The littles did a great job, and even though they REALLY wanted to go mess with everything...and get up on stage to "Rock with Auntie Stacie," they didn't touch anything...and only needed a little reminding. Jericho needed more reminding LOL.
Big HUGS for Auntie!

We got the kiddos ear plugs...of course none of the munchkins would keep them in. We only stayed about an hour and a half so hopefully no lasting damage was done LOL.
 First song of the night. Miss Stacie sounds amazing, and it didn't take long for the trio to hit the floor and bust out with some fresh moves LOL. This was our first chance getting to hear her with Voodoo Highway...they are a great group! All the clips are short...enjoy!
Do not get too caught up in the dancing cuteness to notice Haddie up right infront throwing up the horns at her idol :)
Jericho joins the his little waddle step!
If you want to hear more of the amazing Miss Stacie, the chick that is so awesome she sings for two bands!, check out some of her songs with Broken Down Guitars here.

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