Friday, November 30, 2012

You're Gonna Miss This.

Tonight I was sitting in my trashed house with toys everywhere, had my 4 kids talking to me about a billion different subjects all at once...I was almost wishing for a moments peace.

Just then a song flashed into my head. 'Your Gonna Miss This.' If by chance you have been under a rock and haven't had the pleasure, look up Trace Adkins and give a listen.

I was suddenly very scared for the times ahead. The times when my kids not only don't trash my house, but don't even spend time in my house. When they don't talk to me and don't even want to come out of their bedrooms. I am making a naive as it may be, that WILL NOT be tolerated. My children will know, and even appreciate...since I am going all out here, the importance of family and togetherness...I swear it. They will not hide in their rooms all day, with what ever style of headphones are cool in the year 2021 attached to their heads 24/7; while simultaneously earning top score on whatever video game is popular and waiting for their hoodlum friends to text with direction to the nearest party where there will be underage drinking and God knows what else. It can not be allowed. I won't be so silly as to ask that they stay my babies forever...but I sure as shit am going to ask that they stay a full fledged present and active member of this family. Now I am going to go and tell them my plan and expectations. I am sure they will be all ears :)

Kisses anyone...wub.
My canvas collection for my photo walls are growing, slowly, but it is growing. I can't wait to be in the new house so I can try my hand at a photo wall!

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