Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meet our new friend, Percy!

Jericho had a little extra go today, he was even more of a wild man than usual. He tormented played with the trio all day. This morning he was wrestling with Hayden, and chasing both of his sisters all around the house for a good 2 hours. Then when the girls decided they wanted to take a nap today, Jericho turned his attentions to his big brother. They played so hard that Xander ended up taking a nap today too. Who didn't nap today...Jericho, and Mom.
Hayden and Xander are usually really good sports...Lily not so much.
This is their 'aww but Mom we are having fun' face.
My little monkey's!

Jericho is so competitive...anything they can do, he can do better LOL. And yes, all of them get themselves up and down...with zero help! Pretty amazing for a not quite 2 year old!

Gotta try to get all 4 lined up here LOL. Silly kids!

Wearing big brothers hat. I can't wait to get them to some snow this winter!
An unprompted hug...wub!

Haddie was in such a huggy kissy mood...she was actually asking for me to take pictures of her and Jericho.
Even had to have one of me and her...and me with no makeup, I tried to take one of just her but it wasn't good enough LOL.
At bed time tonight we introduced a new special friend. The kids were all excited...they didn't even know what was going on.

My little day time party animal, lil boy crashed hard and fast Hehehe. Don't mind the missing sheet, Jericho will not leave it on for some crazy reason.
The triplets enjoyed the Elf on the Shelf story, and even though there was a couple seconds that I thought Hayden was going to freak all went well

Story time!
Lily was super quick to say Hi and want to be friends...she did want to test the 'No touching' rule. Lots of "I'm just going to touch the box."

It took us forever to name our Elf. Finally we got the kids to agree on Percy...since he is from a snowy place like everyone's favorite penguin...Go Percy, Go Percy, Go Percy Go!

Percy's first night...the trio will find him up here in the morning!

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