Thursday, December 6, 2012

The infamous Santa pic!

The triplets are famous!
Our trip to see Santa 3 years ago, when the trio were 17 months old, did not go as I had planned. They totally freaked out as soon as they were sat in his lap, we managed to snap a photo and got the heck outta there. When we got back from that visit with Santa, and I got to really look at this one pic...which was all that we got, I was a bit upset. A few of my Momma friends loved it so much, they told me how awesome it is to have one 'crying with Santa' pic...that one day it would be one of my faves. They were totally right! Not only is it a fave of mine...but now it is famous. I am not totally sure where they got the picture from, but the trio's 'crying with Santa' pic is getting some new international attention. A Momma friend sent me a msg today that she ran across this article, recognized my kiddos and wanted to let me know my kids were famous LOL.
The article is actually kinda heartwarming...can't believe they used the triplets pic as their lead photo in the article, pretty cool! I don't think I gave any kind of permission for anyone to use the photo, just goes to show you...only make public what you are comfortable with
making the front page, because one day it might LOL.

You can read it here...

In other, less dazzling news, we have been picking paint colors for the new house. I can't wait to get to work on it!!!
We have master bed and bath, 2 pinks for the girls room...their pick, and yellowish pink for the bonus room, an olive-ish green that Xan picked for the boys room, the other bathroom, living room and hallways and the kitchen all picked out! Hope they look as good when it is all done, as they do in my head LOL.


Heidi said...

I Love Mail Online and read it almost every day. I cannot believe I missed the kids on there but glad you had the link to it. Very funny to be on an English online 'paper'!

TripMomma said...

Yeah...pretty wild. I guess they showed the same picture on The Today Show today.