Sunday, December 16, 2012

Had to get the kids out.*

Things are not feeling the same around my house yet. I don't know when, or if it ever will be. The kiddos really needed to get out of the house today, and so did the grown ups to be honest. You can bet both Jason and I were carrying. I don't know what this world is coming to, but I fully entend to protect my children and myself should the crazy come our way.

We haven't been to OMSI in a really long time...everyone had a blast, 2 hours wasn't enough but it was better than nothing.

Still trying to get the hang of my new camera...I really do need a class. Hopefully I will find some time after the Holiday's, Jericho's birthday, the new house remodel and then moving into the new house has all been completed LOL. No, we don't have much on our plate at all :)

The boys loved this junkyard exhibit.

The bones!

Fish...I forgot how pretty guppies are, may need to look into them when our big tank gets set back up.
We held them off as long as we could...on to the water fun.

The trio loved the swirly.

Jericho had a lot of fun at the water table.

Everyone was very busy with their experiments LOL.

As usual, the smocks did very little to keep the kids dry Hehehe.

Trying to get them out of there was hard...we for sure need to come here more often so they won't meltdown when it is time to go.

Trying to take one handed pics with the new camera is much more difficult LOL.
Lily has a little joke for you. Not sure where she learned it, but she is actually pretty good at telling it. I had her say it twice in case you had a hard time making it out the first time :)

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