Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A very Merry Christmas to all!*

We had low key, and wonderful, day today. I was more excited than the kids, I was up at 7:30 waiting to hear them come out of their room. By 8 I couldn't wait anymore...I made Jason go wake them up LOL.

A little video of them coming out to the living room, and their surprises :)
The train table was a big hit...Jericho especially played with it for a long time. Way to go Santa!

Next the kiddos got their stockings from Santa.

Look at Jericho's face...so cute!

Xander's camera...it was his fave by far :)

Of course Tinker Bell crap was being unwrapped left and right.

The munchkins love their Stompeez!
So much fun...giving and being happy for others is where it's at :)

I fear this is what we will be seeing of our eldest son for the next few days LOL.
The girls love their Fly High Tinker Bells.
Jericho was cracking us up. Early on he took a Tinker Bell to the face. After that he would run her to me so I could make her fly, but before I did he would book behind some cover to watch safely LMAO!
The Doodle Bears are a hit...having free access to the Doodle Bear markers was VERY short lived.

The trio got some fun little remote control cars, Xander's is actually pretty bad ass. I was driving it playing keep away from Jericho. I think it helped wear him out chasing the car back and forth all over the place while everyone laughed.

Finally it was time for breakfast. The trio have been asking for these since last Christmas morning :)
After they flew through their meal it was back to playing with all their new stuff. We were treated to some fine vocals from the girls Hehehe.
We had the triplets help us go through all their old toys, we told them since they got a bunch of new toys today we should donate some things to kids that don't have many toys. It went so much better than I thought it would...they seemed genuinely happy to share their old toys. I was pretty darn proud of them :) We came away with 3 boxes and a grocery bag full of stuff.

Merry Christmas everyone...I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!

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