Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's not just any circus!

Sometimes the converstaions that go on in my house just make me crack up. Today the kids were jumping on the couch, in their defense with it being so cold they haven't gotten out much lately. As they jumped they were acting like they were a circus act, they would say "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages...welcome to the circus" followed with some jumping "tricks" and a "Taa Daa." When Jason got home Lily, naked mind you and still jumping up and down on the couch, says to him..."Daddy come see the circus!" Jason says "I see this circus every day." Without missing a beat Lily says "But Dad this is not just any old circus, this is the triplet circus!" LOL. 

Of course as often happens in a circus...or when jumping off the couch over and over...we had a minor injury. Floor- 1  Hayden- 0 :(
Xan was worried about his sister...aww.

I got a couple more of my canvas prints today. I am so glad they are running all kinds of sales for the Holidays right now!

An old fave of the trio out picking Blueberries.

Haddie loved this one of herself...so do I :)

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